This is the Magic Formula for Happiness.

You need two things in this world to find happiness.

Not money.

Not fame.

Not food.

Not luck.

Not sex, drugs or rock-n-roll.

Not marriage.

Not puppies.

Not otters (though they come close).

These aren’t all bad things, necessarily. They just won’t make you happy, not by themselves.

Can you guess? What two things do you need?

(I’ll give you a hint. You can haz anytime and it’s not a cheezburger).

Love is all you need



Cake Helps

Thank you God for this food and this life


Get this man to Heaven. That is my purpose.

Oh you know, and he is the love of my life. That helps. :) Amazing photography by Tim & Madie btw.

Simple, right? Certainly.
But simple doesn’t make it easy. We are complex creatures. We don’t always get it. We don’t know what we are doing.
Don’t be discouraged. These things are attainable. Do not let your heart be troubled.

Try hard to love selflessly, and know that you will be loved. In fact, you already are.

1 John 4:19 – We love, because he first loved us.

Try hard not to be overwhelmed – you do not need to do and be everything. You can’t.
Settle quietly into your heart and soul and your purpose will surface. Let other things be someone else’s purpose.

Light the fire and let it burn beautifully. Invite others to warm themselves in the glow of your purpose and take a spark to light their own path. Love not because you expect love in return but because we were loved into existence and in loving someone else, you are sharing in that gift. Love someone else because that is what they need to be truly happy.

In related news, as you’ve probably surmised by now, my man and I were recently married. Waxing more on this thought, I think that’s what I love about legit heartfelt Catholic weddings. It’s not the trappings or the cupcakes (though they are quite delicious), but it’s the whole beautiful thing. It’s the small snippet of each of these disparate lives, coming together to celebrate the union of two into one, a promise of everlasting devotion and special graces from God.

My husband, my family. They help me find my purpose. They show me love. This wasn’t a party. This was a celebration of a new life as one. Forever. No matter where our journey takes us, our purpose will be intertwined. This was also a coming together of our extended family, to say thank you, to say, I’m glad you’re with me. Which is not to say that you can only find happiness the way that I did. That’s not it at all.

Find that fire. Something that makes you get out of bed grinning deep down in your soul (even if you wake up grumpy and frowny-faced).
Spread the love. Everyone deserves to be loved and you can give that to them.

I don’t know what your journey or your life will look like, but you can be happy in the deepest most fully alive sense of the word.

Go find your happiness.


Can’t Get Over It: Pop Culture Tees

If there is one thing in this world that I struggle with style-wise, it’s my love-hate relationship with funny tee shirts and other printed clothing.

They are dumb. They are fun. Sometimes hilarious. I shouldn’t wear tees at all if I want to convey any semblance of being an adult (plus the principle of the thing, using yourself as a billboard for a silly laugh.) Nonetheless, I do kind of love them.

Even better when one reflects a piece of my childhood. Anyone have a Fraggle Rock and/or Eureka’s Castle tee for me? Pleeeeeease?
Here are some recent faves I found, courtesy of Skreened:

P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney-Unisex Athletic Blue T-ShirtImage
I solemnly swear I’m up to no good-Unisex Black T-ShirtImage

Because, let’s face it — your life is better because of Hey! Arnold, Finding Nemo and Harry Potter.

Am I right or am I right?


What are your favorite vestiges of yesterday’s pop culture?

(Anyone still have band/movie posters from their tweenie years?)
Let me know in the comments below!

####### Brownie points if I am not the only one in the world who watched “Under the Umbrella Tree”.

I am… sweet. I am strong. I am beautiful.

Wow. These last few years. What a rollercoaster.

I was so so happy to see such a wonderful encouraging facebook group pop up in my life that I had to take part.
I am joining in the Bold, Brilliant, Beautiful, You Challenge for February: I AM.

I am… sweet. I am strong. I am beautiful. I am perfectly human.

I am nice to a fault — but also snarky.

I am full big bold ideas — I am a dreamer and an eternal optimist.

I am so full of feelings it often spills over. I can’t watch horror movies and it’s easy to hurt my feelings.

I am sensitive, for better or worse — I will even absorb other people’s moods. Also, chewing sounds spike my blood pressure.

I am a wife-to-be, affectionate to the the nth degree.

I am a revolutionary of sorts — I always want to change the world, whole industries at a time.

I am classy — somebody has to lead the charge when everyone else is just being Miley.

I am an explorer at heart — I believe that this world is big and beautiful, scars and all.

I am a people-watcher and a listener — People are endlessly fascinating.

I am loved. I am lovable.

This is something that has been on my heart for so long. Too many of us ladies are losing the fight against self-criticism, anxiety, perfectionism, and loneliness. I can point fingers at who or what is causing it, but at the end of the day, it’s just sin — that’s life in this world.

I am not perfect, and I won’t ever be.

Healing comes from reminding ourselves that we are loved by Love itself, and that each and every one of us is lovable. Every day is a clean slate to repair the damage of our fallen human nature, to pick ourselves back up from the pain of this world, and to choose the good instead.

I am loved. I am lovable. I am beautiful. I am perfectly human.

Organic skin care so good you could eat it up.

Okay, when I think of juice, I normally don’t think of luxurious beauty products. I usually think of eggs and toast for breakfast. Or those “part of a well-balanced breakfast” commercials with the giant spread of food ain’t nobody got time to eat.

You too, huh?

So I was surprised to find Juice Beauty’s Organic Skin Care line.

It’s made with fruit! Yum!

I haven’t pulled the trigger on anything yet, but there are a few things that caught my eye.
I’m particularly interested in the Juice Organics Hair Care. My hair needs all the help it can get!

So I’m thinking if it ever warms up here in the Arctic tundra, I could brighten things up with a little citrus sunshine – hello Brightening Shampoo. Oh I do love that this is good for fine hair. I can usually only use a shampoo (even the good stuff) for a couple of weeks before it just won’t rinse out! I’d nearly kill for a good shampoo. Plus, with this little guy, I’d smell like a California orange grove (and what could be better than that?)

Okay, it’s possible that I do this to myself, because I have been known to box-dye my hurss every so often, but that’s just too dang bad because I like to have color options and I don’t have a salon-twice-a-month budget. But, my poor hair, on top of being perpetually shampoo-ridden, can get pretty dry — Primarily I think that this is because I rarely condition. I know, I know. Terrible. But if you don’t have super fine hair, you just don’t understand! It’s all too heavy. I’d be willing to try this PomSmooth Conditioner out just for the smells alone, but I do wonder that it could help me get my hair back to baby smooth! (Seriously, when I have a good hair day, it’s like silk. The best.)

And now, time to get really real. Ugh, despite having my skin mostly under control these days, nothing has ever been able to keep my back from getting red, irritated and breaking out. I feel like a teenager! Mayhaps a gentler approach, harnessing the benefits of lemons, cherries and aloe is in order? If that is too much, there is always the Cleansing Milk. (I don’t know about you, but I am a sucker for anything that is a milk or butter. Maybe it’s my sensitive skin. Maybe it’s the inoxicating scent of shea. Who can say?)

Mmmmmmmm, I can practically smell these things through the computer screen. I hope I didn’t wear you out with my smell-rambling. But really, there is nothing better than a satisfying olfactory sensation. Yeah. I said that.
The price? Well, skin and hair care are investment areas (Think about it: your skin is the only thing you are always wearing!) so there’s no skimping here.

Like anything else — you get what you pay for.

But hey! I got an email this morning that they are having a 3 day sale on their site! I may just have to eat that up! (Ooh, fruit pun. Deal with it.)

Cyber Sale – 3 Days Only! *Promo expires 2/23/14, 11:59pm PST. Excludes all Exclusive Gift Sets, Travel Sets, Bridal Gift Sets, Pre-order products, eGift Cards and Subscriptions. While supplies last. Free standard shipping for US only.

Not a bad deal, right? I mean, honestly, for organic skin care, this is not out of reach. Add in the freebies and free shipping? Golden.

What do you think?

Would you try fruit-based organic skin care?
How about some recommendations? What’s in your beauty cabinet?

Let me know what you’re thinking in the comments below!